Industry 4.0/ Smart Manufacturing

Industry 4.0/ Smart Manufacturing

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Amit Kurhekar - Director Data Science Solutions - Envestnet | Yodlee | LinkedIn

I am an applied Data Science leader with expertise in Strategy, Innovation, IoT, Industry 4.0 & Digital Transformation. I have built and managed data science and analytics teams in best in class CoEs & fortune 500 companies. Spent over a decade with P&G, pioneered Industry4.0 and Digital Transformation program for the company and lead global forums for Manufacturing Analytics and Digital.

Getting Started with Industry 4.0 and IIoT (Part 1)

Today we live in a hyper-connected world and this is the most exciting times for Industrial sectors. During last year (2017), I am sure you must have


In this podcast session, Amit Kurhekar, Director Data Science Solutions, Yodlee, an Applied Data Science Leader with close to two decades of experience in the field of analytics, delves into the world of industry 4.0, with Srinidhi Rao, Senior Partner, TheMathCompany. Amit shares his expert insights on the tools, technologies, skill sets and operational structure required to adopt industry 4.0, explains how progress can be quantified or measured based on an organization’s adoption journey and shares his insights on the possibility of leveraging industry 4.0 to cushion the impact of pandemic disruption. What is Industry 4.0? What are the tools, technologies and skillsets required to adopt industry 4.0? What should be the operational structure/hierarchy of an Industry 4.0 team? Are there examples or use case where industry 4.0 has offered companies a sound ROI? What’s the distinction between pureplay automation and industry 4.0? How do you know you quantify/measure progress in your industry 4.0 adoption journey? Is industry 4.0 a feasible investment for small and mid-sized companies? In retrospect, could Industry 4.0 could have cushioned the impact of COVID19?

Amit Kurhekar

Data Science/ AI solutions/ IoT/ Analytics Expert

Amit is applied Data Science leader with expertise in Analytics and AI, Industry4.0 & Digital Transformation. He has built Data Science and AI capabilities in Fintech and CPG Industry.

Digital Transformation Learning Journey

Digital has become a keyword for any major transformational initiatives. There is huge amount of information available from various resources.

Industrial IoT (IIoT)- Marketplace: Place for Everyone

Current Status: From the estimates, by 2020 IoT Market will have 50 billion connected devices and overall market size will be $110 billion. This is expected to add $14.

Drive Decisions with your Data: Visibility & Analytics- Industry 4.0 (Part 3)

In my earlier articles- Getting Started with Industry 4.0 and IIoT (Part 1) & Data Acquisition- Getting started with Industry 4.0 (Part 2) We

Data Acquisition- Getting started with Industry 4.0 (Part 2)

In the last article Getting Started with Industry 4.0 and IIoT (Part 1), we discussed defining problem statement, targeting early win and building

Will Your Industry 4.0 Project End before Start?

As of now you must have experienced the euphoria of starting “something” using AI and Industry 4.0 program in manufacturing, and might have already

4 Use Cases you Must Consider to Drive Value ($) with Industry 4.0

As more and more organizations start thinking and investing in Industry 4.0 and advanced analytics, it becomes very important understand value drivers

Amit Kurhekar

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