Data Science/ AI solutions/ IoT/ Analytics Expert

Data Science/ AI solutions/ IoT/ Analytics Expert

Amit is applied Data Science leader with expertise in Analytics and AI, Industry4.0 & Digital Transformation. He has built Data Science and AI capabilities in Fintech and CPG Industry.

Amit Kurhekar - Director Data Science Solutions - Envestnet | Yodlee | LinkedIn

I am an applied Data Science leader with expertise in Strategy, Innovation, IoT, Industry 4.0 & Digital Transformation. I have built and managed data science and analytics teams in best in class CoEs & fortune 500 companies. Spent over a decade with P&G, pioneered Industry4.0 and Digital Transformation program for the company and lead global forums for Manufacturing Analytics and Digital.

5 Things to Consider for Successful Analytics CoE

Today majority of top fortune 500 companies have a Global Innovation Center in India and one of the critical component of Global innovation center is having Analytics Center of Excellence (CoE). Analytics CoE is characterised by few key elements, viz...

Top 3 Roles for 2020 (Data Analytics)

Skills landscape is changing very fast today. Many people are focusing on re-skilling themselves, rightly so.

Amit Kurhekar on LinkedIn: Industry 4.0 journey: An Executive's Roadmap

It was fun recording a #podcast with Srinidhi Shama Rao on #Industry4.0 and journey. Thanks to TheMathCompany and Srinidhi Shama Rao for this opportunity...

Amit Kurhekar

External Speaking Engagements

Amit talks frequently in external conferences and management schools. Here are few links from the engagements.

Will Your Industry 4.0 Project End before Start?

As of now you must have experienced the euphoria of starting ?something? using AI and Industry 4.0 program in manufacturing, and might have already started these pilots with big fanfare and in anticipation of Magic happening.

Amit Kurhekar

Industry 4.0/ Smart Manufacturing

Identify top use cases. Below are some of the articles which will help you to think about getting started. Feel free to reach out to

4 Use Cases you Must Consider to Drive Value ($) with Industry 4.0

As more and more organizations start thinking and investing in Industry 4.0 and advanced analytics, it becomes very important understand value drivers and focus on few key areas to drive visible impact.

Starting a Data Science Project for Your Organization

Recently we are hearing lot of buzz around data science, analytics and machine learning. There is lot of excitement to initiate a project.